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Crime Stoppers Halloween Patrol Tradition Continues in Smiths Falls


Long before this year’s group of ‘Trick-or-Treaters’ was born, Smiths Falls & District Crime Stoppers started a Halloween tradition. At the dawn of a new millennium, and with the expectation of changes to come, Crime Stoppers started to look at new and innovative ways to serve and engage this community. It was decided that one way to help would be to assist the police and the community with ‘Halloween Patrols’ – something that continues to this day. 

Each year, for almost two decades, Crime Stoppers has provided notice to the Smiths Falls Police Service of their intention to go out on patrol on Oct. 31. These patrols are designed to put more eyes and ears out on our streets to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time. 

Over the years, Crime Stoppers members have enjoyed the greatest of experiences on this evening – from young costumed revellers giving a big wave, to the parents calling out friendly greetings as the van slowly passes by on crowded streets. Throughout the evening, past members of the Crime Stoppers board are visited and are expected to open their doors to share a few laughs, share fond memories of their time with Crime Stoppers…and to share any extra chocolate they may have on hand. 

In more recent times, the Halloween Patrol idea has developed into regular community outings that take place throughout the year. Crime Stoppers puts together a monthly schedule of van patrols so that all members have the opportunity to socialize with fellow Crime Stoppers, meet and spend time with members of the community and remind the community that we are here to help. We as a community are very fortunate to have such a safe and wonderful area for all to enjoy Halloween. Working together as a community, we can always keep it this way.

If you need to report an emergency on Halloween – or at any time – call ‘911’ (Crime Stoppers is not an emergency service) 
If you need to report something ‘Safely & Anonymously ‘– call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) 
So, if you should happen to see the van out again this year, feel free to wave or give a shout-out to the members. From all members of the Smiths Falls & District Crime Stoppers, Have a Safe & Happy Halloween! 

Did you know? Crime Stoppers does not receive funding from any level of government. Crime Stoppers operates exclusively on funds raised by the board members of each individual program and on donations provided by the public. Crime Stoppers is making a difference in your community! If you would like to make a donation or if you have time to volunteer with Smiths Falls and District Crime Stoppers, please contact Carl Evoy at 613-283-2444.

Submitted by the Smiths Falls Police Service and Crime Stoppers